Welcome to my new site!

After using Github pages serving a basic landing page for some years, I now wanted something more flexible.
I won't become a regular blogger anytime soon, but sometimes I'd like to share some thoughts or just write something down for myself to get back to it later. Now it is even possible to share a data analysis workflow (or just some insights from prepared datasets) via IPython/Jupyter notebooks, which is a great medium for these kinds of things in my view.

I realized this page via Pelican and it will still be hosted at GitHub. For Notebooks, I will use pelican-ipynb, because other solutions (for example Liquid Tags) do not work well with newer IPython/Jupyter versions. I will probably write a short blog post describing the process of setting everything up - in the end it was a bit more work than I expected (at least for a web development newbie like me).

I also hope to write something about the development of the Dusseldorf real estate market soon, so stay tuned ;-).


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